Xerohour.net Computer Repair

We are here because there just aren't enough solutions out there for people who need help with technology. Worse yet, the price of such service, trustworthy or not, is typically outrageously high. We rarely advertise, and we never partner with companies to try and sell you specific remedies just to make a quick buck. We charge zero markup on all parts, so we have zero incentive to sell you stuff you don't need. We just find your problem. And fix it. For good.

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Hardware Repair

Desktops, Laptops, Mobile Devices

-Custom built computers
-Computer (re)construction
-Theft prevention
-Hardware repair/replace (Mac or PC)
-Data Recovery (Mac or PC)
-Networking/Security (Routers, Modems, Video game hosting)
-Stereo/TV connection to computers

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Malware/Virus/System Tune Up

Is your computer running slow? we can help by either removing the problems or helping you start fresh.

-Virus/Spyware Fixes (PC)
-Fresh reinstallation (Mac or PC)

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FREE Services

Computers, printers, routers, and peripherals as well as all technology gadgets can be recycled. If yours is broken beyond repair and you don’t have the money to fix it, I can pay you for most working parts. This is not a joke. I can fairly assess value of working computer parts and can come to your house to buy/recycle your parts.
-Over the phone analysis
we can analyze your problems over the phone and give you estimates on what we will pay for your working parts or tech gadgets. we can also give you an idea of how to not be scammed when finding someone to service your computer. Call (502) 251-1337 for a FREE estimate and/or over-the-phone analysis of your problems.

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